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Elaine Paterson

My main research interest is urban design and its role in planning and regeneration. Published papers relate to the use of planning policy and tools in planning decision making on design matters. The lack of coherence and uncertainty regarding the status of such policy and tools requires ongoing investigation in the search for a more holistic and sound decision making base, in the face of media and other criticism. Affordable housing and planning is another area of research interest. This interest came initially through examining urban design decisions on new housing in North West Scotland.My phd (2014) topic was Design Control in UK Urban Planning: Towards Improved Practice. I examined theories and concepts of design control, design control tools and governance all in the context of my related published papers. The papers covered tools such as design and access statements and design review, governance through the National Planning Policy Framework 2012, and various design sensitive new build and public realm case studies. Currently I am working on a design guide for Berwick upon Tweed town centre on behalf of the Civic Society and the Conservation Areas Advisory Group.


Elaine P